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Margot Robbie has been announced as the new face of Calvin Klein’s soon-to-launch Deep Euphoria women’s fragrance. The fragrance is the third of the Euphoria range and is scheduled for release this fall. It has been footed as the “more modern, empowered sister” to the existing two fragrances by Calvin Klein.

The company holds the Calvin Klein fragrance license. Brun added that Robbie “perfectly embodies the modern femininity” of the scent. “Her [Robbie’s] beauty and talent is an expression of the incredible legacy of women who have been captured in Calvin Klein campaigns over the years,” said Melisa Goldie, chief marketing officer of Calvin Klein Inc.


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At JFK Airport in New York City – April 30
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Shopping in New York City – May 1
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Leaving her hotel in New York City – May 1
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